Thought i should document my efforts.

Ordered: from ebay or which ever was cheaper.

considered to order headunit and qubo fascia from but looking and the trustpiolet reviews and the pain to get a refund, if they give one put me off. would have been a few £ cheaper to order from them but decided to not risk and pain.

trust of they have mixed reviews, of concern but higher chance of getting money back or most of it. Emailed them previously asking about what size of speaker they thought was right for qubo. they found it odd too. the speaker mount adaptor says 12cm . they thought 10cm speakers.

Speakers: Not sure about speaker size, thinking of trying 10cm/4inch. ordered front adaptors so i can check them i accidental got rear adaptors a little cheaper 2rd hand ages ago, was going to cut them up but decided to just order the right ones and sell them on again...

Headunit: Just ordered the Sony MEX-GS820BT. seams to be the newer rms rated version of specs look the same but for a 2rd usb port on the back and 5w rms extra per channel.

These few sony headunits are the only ones with Class-D amps in them. so real 45w rms @ 1%thd :D. so i hopeful wont need to buy a external amp :). The specs are very similar to the Alpine CDE-193BT and Pioneer MVH-X580DAB.

They all have +/-6dB 10 or upto 13 band equalizers. The alpine and pioneer have time aliment set via input the distances wheres the sony is bit + or - a bit for speaker speaker. no distances.

Head units I Considered:

Speaker Search Tab dump links: