I by my stuff from china, because its where i can get lots of different and unique electrics from and its cheap :). china sellers tend to be good about what they mark customs as ;). I use china escrow sites:

  • Aliexpress
    • largest choice, good feedback system.
  • Evil Bay
    • sometimes cheaper then aliexpress. somethings that are hard to find or not on aliexpress.

I recently had a bad experience with aliexpress where the shipping was "handled by aliexpress" they marked full value, which resulted in a huge customs fee as its vat + £8 fee. which made it more expensive than buying from the uk! :( So never ever buy "handled by aliexpress" items!. It’s a new service that they are doing. I use aliexpress the most. i prefer them over ebay as they have per product feedback. which helps you to know if something is junk. where on ebay and amazon your shopping blind.

Do not click the i received my item -or worded something like that- button because you then end purchase protection! let it time out as that is your warrenty. sellers wont help you after they got your money! just as bad as ebay. When something is faulty. Take pictures and demo showing the problem or demoing that it is faulty.

An example is when you get a bad boost dc-dc convert power supply, connect to bench power supply and show that it is taking constant current in a photo. edit the photo with a circle highlighting the readings, problem, etc.

Chinese people tend to only know simplified english. so try really hard to not use those english phrases or ways of saying things, we like to use. Like cock up, blow up, etc.

Another options is china shops. when you don’t want to pick between 400 sellers of the same thing. Here you just focus on picking the items you want. Cons are: less choice and more expensive. For things like touches, you can get coupons which bandgood and gearbest post in there own forum threads. check out http://budgetlightforum.com/ for some good torch/flashlight deals!

Good China Audio Manufacturers:

  • Hifi Me Diy
  • Yuan Jing
  • SMSL Audio
    • not bought anything from them but for another make of ready made amps in finished box, they look good.
  • 3e Audio
    • My favourite amp maker. New manufacturer from 2017.
    • In some parts of the world there website seams to be blocked. IDK if this a china firewall thing or a web server config error or service provider problem. I use Tor Browser to view it. Which is a free software (libre), anonymous, cool, innovative, proxy :). Which wikileaks and snowden use btw. I think its the easiest proxy to use. I love it :)
    • There amp boards are currently using the most cutting edge amp ICs made by TI.