If a website or email address from "aross.me" doesn’t work. It’s because I’ve not yet created it yet.
Give me a kick to get something done if I havn't already: kick#antispam#aross DOTPOT me
I use only privacy and libre proticals and services. that are also happento be free of nessory charges to use them.
Voice and Video Chat (VOIP):
SIP: sip:arossANTISPAMsip.linphone.org
I use the linphone app on my phone. uses SIP protical so SIP compactible clients can also be used on desktop.
For Phone: http://www.linphone.org
For Desktop: http://jitsi.org/
Web Video Chat:
Phone App for jitsi WebChat: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.jitsi.meet
IM/Instant Message:
I use Kontalk app. It will find my mob number in your address book andfind me. Easy real secure messaging app, I really like it. Easy send pics,files,audio clips :)
XMPP Phone App: https://guardianproject.info/apps/chatsecure/
Desktop: http://jitsi.org/
arossANTISPAMmovim.eu (social network too)
Get an movim account: http://movim.eu/
Snag is no secure OTR direct messaging :(  but  can be used from websiteor msg using XMPP client, like chatsecure or conversations. Which is whatido on my phone. One can chat to other xmpp users via movim btw.
Link for my contact info ya can share: https://cgan.pw/5o passwor=gtmy


Diaspora -Main Social Profile-


Movim -Another place i like to be--

good for instant message chat via website, with history and social features.

Voice and Video Chat (VOIP):